Real Retailers Love The Retail Mastery System 2.0…

“The Retail Mastery System is the best training system I have seen in my almost 20 years of retailing. We have increased our sales by 30% this year alone. That’s an increase of $270,000. And my profit has gone through the roof!

Russell Herman

Pet$aver Superstore, Rochester, NY

“The Retail Mastery System has been a magnificent help to me and my store! I have to tell you that I have an MBA and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my education, but this System has taught me much much more valuable and practical information. I love all the sales training and customer service ideas and strategies. Nobody taught me all this! I love the way it is organized by modules with all the templates, worksheets, videos, etc. I am so glad I found Bob at the URA Show and invested in this System. It is invaluable to me and my business. I can’t thank you enough!

Bianca Manoukian

My Professional Uniforms, Glendale, CA

“I took the Retail Mastery System on a road trip (by myself) from Pennsylvania to Cleveland and it was the BEST thing I did in a LONG time. Hours and hours of Bob and Susan and I thoroughly enjoyed myself… Very refreshing and motivating. Highly recommend the Retail Mastery System to any business – old or new. You’ll never regret it if you buy it!

Megan Schaub

Farmer's Daughter Gift & Garden Center, Shrewsbury, PA

“After we started using the open to buy system, I watched my inventory shrink by a third over the course of a year. And, in awe, I saw our sales go up and our store inventory turns increase, as did our profits! Without the open-to-buy plan there is a good chance our business wouldn’t have been able to survive.”

Larry Weller

Moynihan Gallery, Holland, MI

“The information contained in the Retail Mastery System is invaluable. Quilters Quest has been implementing many of the business practices, learned through the system, with great success. The Retail Mastery System has given us the tools to identify strengths and weaknesses in our business and the information we needed to improve. I can only imagine the growth next year will bring with the knowledge added by the Retail Mastery System and the additional support of Bob and his team.” 

Deborah Cornella

Quilters Quest, Woodridge, IL

“Just wanted to take a quick moment to say, ‘Thanks!’ to you and Susan for your Retail Mastery System. I am a Believer!!! I love this system, and I’ve only completed 3 of the modules so far. It is ‘Spot On’ direct training that I need in order to make me a much better business owner. Just celebrated our 1st year of being open and I don’t know what I would have done without your system.” 

Tracy McDonald

That Cute Little Shop In Benton, Benton, KY

“We have been using the Inventory Management module with great success. Our inventory is now under control and I saved enough from this to pay our credit line off and still have a reserve. Now we’re adding the frequent buyer program, sales coaching, and paying bonus for add on sales, top sales per store, etc.  I am very excited to tell you sales are up 25%. WOW!”

Tom Trella

Cigar Box, Hazelton, PA

“Thanks so much for the Retail Mastery System and the Retail Success Summit! I wish I’d had the System when I first opened my shop. Thank God I have it now after only 3 years! It has excited me about my business again, given me so many ideas on how to promote the business, and a new confidence as I shop for product. WOW!”

Dawn Mueller

The Perfect Gift, Huntsville AL

The Retail Mastery System strikes again – celebrating a 29% sales increase for June. How awesome is that? Thanks Bob and Susan!”

Cathy Nagle-Ervin

Eastern National, Tiffin, OH

If you’re ready to get these results, go check out what you’ll get in the Retail Mastery System 2.0. Simply put, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend on your business!