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Every Month You’ll Get Marketing Ideas & Inspiration That Will Keep Your Register Ringing!

After working with thousands of independent retailers just like you, I know for a fact that the most successful store owners have a robust calendar of interesting, fun, successful promotions that drive sales.

They know that each and every promotion can attract tons of new shoppers, give their existing customers a great reason to spend more, and can make them LOTS OF MONEY!

But, it’s hard to come up with ideas for new, interesting promotions every single month. Especially ideas that are effective and profitable, not a waste of time, money, and effort.

Not to mention that once you do come up with a new idea you then have to figure out all the details of how to properly execute and promote the event. It can be exhausting.

And it seems like a Catch-22. If you stop coming up with new marketing ideas, sales dwindle… if you keep racking your brains for promotions that may or may not work, you get overwhelmed and tired.

If you wish it could all be easier and more fun – like you imagined it would be when you first opened your store – then you’re in luck!

I’m excited to invite you to join the…

As a member of the Retail Marketing Club, you’ll join me (Retail Expert, Bob Negen), my team, and hundreds of the best independent retail store owners from around the world and become part of our retail marketing brain trust.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to the private virtual “clubhouse” where you can start connecting with your new marketing buddies, asking your questions, and sharing your best ideas.

Each month I’ll host a LIVE club meeting where I’ll go in-depth on a promotional idea that you can use immediately in your store or invite a retail expert to share one of their tried and tested techniques. All the ideas will be proven tactics I’ve used or seen in action through my over 40 years working in retail.

During the meeting, you and the other members of your brain trust will be able to ask questions, interact, discuss, share, and yes, brainstorm best practices for that particular idea. Getting this kind of diverse and creative inspiration from the best and brightest around is truly game-changing.

Just having access to all these brilliant marketing minds (including mine!) is worth the price of membership. Get answers to your pressing questions, expand your marketing mindset, share your own ideas. The more you participate, the more you’ll get out of it.

Imagine having more fantastic ideas for (successful, profitable, tested) promotions and special events than you can actually use… It would be a great problem to have!

Super Low Price!

You can join the Retail Marketing Club for ONLY $49 a month. It’s less than $2 per day! Less than a cup of coffee. Less than lunch. Less than any number of things you might be spending money on right now.

In any given month, any given week, you’ll get ideas worth thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. You’d have to either be asleep during the meetings or not attempt ANY of the ideas you’ll learn for this minuscule investment to be anything less than a home run. We guarantee it. (More on that in just a bit.)

But what if you want an even better deal? Even higher ROI? Just pick the annual payment option and you’ll pay only $499 for the full year!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with your club membership for any reason whatsoever, give us a call at 800.842.1660 and we’ll refund every penny you’ve paid… No questions asked!

Why? Well, because we guarantee everything we do. We guarantee it because everything we do works and has tremendous value. The Retail Marketing Club is no exception. In fact, it may be one of the best values anywhere for indie retail store owners!

You’ll get…

  • Access to the clubhouse and the insanely smart retail marketers who are already a part of the brain trust – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Meetings with promotions presented by the retail experts at WhizBang! Training (yep, that’s me!) and top retail experts sharing their favorite ideas – Live for questions and interaction, recorded in case you can’t make a meeting, available inside the clubhouse.
  • The opportunity to get answers to your pressing questions, expand your marketing mindset, and share your own ideas.

Check Out What Members Of The Retail Marketing Club Have To Say:

Bottom Line:

If you’re tired of scrambling for great ideas, tired of trying to figure it out alone, ready for some amazing collaboration and inspiration… then the Retail Marketing Club is for you.

If you’re just hoping for a few new promotions to spice up your existing marketing calendar… then the Retail Marketing Club is for you.

If you want ideas that are tested, proven, and profitable… then the Retail Marketing Club is for you.

Bottom line, if you want…

More Money
Less Work
More Fun

…then the Retail Marketing Club is for you!

You’ll get a NEW promotion or special event idea delivered to you via a LIVE webinar for ONLY $49 a month – that’s less than $2 per day. Or if you want an even better deal, just pick the annual payment option and you’ll pay only $499 for the full year it’s like getting two months for FREE

To Your Success,

Bob Negen

P.S. Still have questions or would rather register by phone? Call the office at 800-842-1660. The WhizBang! Team would love to talk to you!