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Retail Holiday Tips

The big box stores might live for Black Friday, but for most independent retailers it’s the last few weeks before Christmas when the sales volume REALLY cranks up. Here are seven retail holidays tips to make the most of these last two weeks.

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How To Run A Buy One Get One Sale

Time to take the markdown! You want to free up the cash in those slow-movers to buy new, better-selling items for spring AND you want to lower stock levels so you don’t have as much to count during your physical inventory in a few weeks.

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8 Reasons For Retailers To Go Green

From growing your green customer base to growing your bottom line, the benefits of going green make it a great strategy for any retail store. Eco-friendly retailing practices can help your business stand out in your community, all while lowering your overhead costs and creating a healthier space for your customers and staff.

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Retail Employee Help

Here’s a bit of straight talk on problem retail employees. This bit of advice on might not be easy to take, but it can change your professional life!

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Retail Store Disaster Planning

Retail Store Disaster Planning: No one wants to think about the bad stuff that can happen in life, but the truth is that it could happen to you. You can’t always keep bad stuff from happening. But you can take precautions to minimize the effects on your business and your life.

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Holiday Retail Returns

The Holiday rush is over. You’ve got that great feeling of relief and accomplishment and you’re starting to think about what you’re going to do with all the hard-earned money you made from your Holiday sales. And then they start…returns.

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Retail Sales Training

Passion for your product isn’t enough. It’s through the act of selling that your awesome merchandise gets from your shelves into the hands of your customers. Great selling leads to higher sales for you and a better, more satisfying experience for your customer.

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Increase Retail Sales

Learn a variety of tips and strategies designed to improve your overall business, and increase your retail sales from retail expert, Bob Negen.

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How To Run A Holiday Preview Sale

Want to learn another great way to beef up profits in your retail store? Discover how to run a holiday preview sale to maximize your holiday sales and generate some extra cash this fall!

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Case Study with David Garofalo

Bob talks with David Garofalo, owner of two guys smoke shop in Nashua, NH. In this retail case study, David describes his huge promotional event for their premium cigar store.

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Retail Operations Video

See how using an opening and closing store checklist in your retail organization is one of the easiest ways to improve your store operations.

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Retail Selling Videos

Are your employees selling all they can? Learn how creating a strong retail selling culture in your store can lead to employee unity, more sales, and happier customers.

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Retail Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These 7 Retail Marketing Mistakes? As an independent retail store owner you have to wear LOTS of hats – including Chief Marketing Officer. Check to see if you might be making one of these common Retail Marketing Mistakes.

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Taking Store Inventory

The inventory of merchandise in your store is probably the biggest asset in your business as well as your biggest business expense. Knowing exactly how much and exactly what you own is the first step in learning how to control your inventory. And great inventory management is your key to higher profits! Here are three ways having an accurate inventory count will help you improve profits.

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Marketing vs Selling

Although related, marketing and selling are NOT the same thing. Discover how knowing the difference between both marketing and selling can make for a huge positive impact in your retail store.

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The Retail Mastery System

The Retail Sales Academy

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