Congratulations! You’ve made a great first step toward plugging the money leak in your store!

STEP 1: Use the free Sales Calculator to discover how much money you are losing.

Ready to find out? Just use the calculator and enter your store’s numbers. (Don’t have your exact numbers? Just take your best guess… it will be close enough.)


So, what’s your number? Imagine what it would be like to keep all that money rather than watching it slowly trickle out of your store!

That money is how much extra you’d make if your best salesperson worked with every single customer, every single sale.

But here’s the thing… your best salesperson isn’t getting different or better customers than everyone else. They are just doing more with every customer they get. They are more skillful, more adept at selling.

This is great news for you, because you CAN teach and train your sales staff to be as good as your best salesperson. You CAN close the gap between your best salesperson and all the rest – and recapture all that money!

STEP 2: Train Your Team With The Add On Master Class For Only $47!

Here’s the simple truth: Getting your whole sales team to ADD ON skillfully and consistently is the fastest, easiest way to close that gap between your best salesperson and the rest – and stop that money from leaking out of your store.

The Add On Master Class makes it drop dead simple to train your team to be masters of the add on sale.

The five video lessons in The Add On Master Class are a step-by-step guide to training your people to add-on. They‘ll learn how to add on. What to add on. When to add on. WHY to add on! They’ll get a deeper understanding of the whole subject until they feel comfortable and confident adding on with every single customer.

Plus you’ll get a full-sized, reusable poster that is the “secret sauce” for keeping your team mentally involved and committed to adding on.

At the regular price of only $97, you’d probably pay for your investment in The Add On Master Class the very first week, maybe even the very first day.

But during this special offer, you can get The Add On Master Class for only $47!

And you’ll love it… or you’ll get your money back.

It’s that simple. If you try it, watch the lessons, use the special write-on poster that comes with the course, but you don’t like it, just return it within 30 days for a full refund. No hassles, no fine print.

There’s really no reason NOT to get it now and get started right away (you’ll have instant access to the video lessons. ) With every day you delay you’re missing out on the sales your team should be making!

You have three options…

Option #1: Take no action. Keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. Of course, all that money will keep steadily leaking out of your store. But that’s up to you.

Option #2: Develop your own training program. This option is better than Option #1, but will you actually sit down and take the time to make your own complete training program? Will it really get done? And even if it gets done, are you sure it will be better than what you’ll find in The Add On Master Class?

Option #3: Invest in The Add On Master Class. It’s proven, it’s worked for tens of thousands of retail employees, and best of all, it’s done and ready to use right now.

Of course, you may want to learn a bit more about The Add On Master Class before you make your decision. That’s totally fine. But don’t forget that every day you wait your store is leaking money.

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